Proposal: Recurring donations - increase flexibility

XYQuadrat mail at
Wed Jul 29 18:06:34 BST 2020

Hello everyone,

Let me preface this email that I do not have a lot of background 
knowledge on the monetary policies of KDE and therefore my proposal 
might be not sensible at all.

For individuals who want to support KDE on a regular basis, we have the 
"Join the game!" initiative (see
Currently, there is only the option to pay 100€ on a yearly basis or 
split those 100€ into 25€ on a quarterly basis.
In my opinion, this is a rather strict and inflexible concept. Regular 
donations lead to a more consistent source of donation income since they 
fluctuate much less than one-time donations.
I therefore believe that it would be beneficial to allow people to 
donate less/more on a regular basis.

One option is to simply allow anyone to donate a customizable amount per 
year (with some minimal amount of say 10€), instead of the fixed 100€.

Another option would be to introduce the by now often used concept of 
tiers - fixed amounts that then grant some small benefit such as being 
named on a KDE website, receiving a small "Thank You" card or similar.
These tiers would then cover a wider range of amounts (e.g. 10€ - 50 € - 
100 € - 250€ - 500€).

What do people think about this? (Of course, in the end this requires 
approval of the board. But I think this shouldn't be all too 
controversial of a change.)

Best regards,
Julian / xyquadrat

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