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Uli Klinkhammer uk at kontent.com
Wed Jul 22 08:53:58 BST 2020

On 2020-07-21 23:27, Filipe Saraiva wrote:
> Em 20/07/2020 07:55, Albert Vaca Cintora escreveu:
>> I think we should be happy there are packagers that distribute our
>> software on Windows, the same way we are happy there are packages
>> distributing our software on Linux distros.
> The problem is not people packing and distributing our software,
> including selling them.
> The problem is people using the original name of our software in an
> environment where we could for ourselves pack and distribute them. If I
> am not wrong, apps stores don't allow a same software using a same name
> but distributed by different "owners".

If we talk about Trademarks and Policies, we talk about rights.

A right of using a name appears in that moment, when someone begins 
using it. This is the natural right and does not need any registration. 
A registration of the right can be done in several ways: Registering a 
trademark, a company name, a domain name, all of this gives you a right 
to use this name.

When we talk about a Trademark we need some kind of policy, this is 
right. :)

This policy is a group of use cases, which restricts a free world by 

So, do we need those use cases and rights? Or is it better maybe, like 
Martin said, to speak with people violating our rights? (that are 
naturally given by using those names) Or is registering a domain name 
for every application an alternative?

I could provide those domain names, for free, if it is wanted.

Best wishes,


(KDE Supporter)

> If it is the case, we will be in a scenario where we can not use the
> original name of our software to distribute them.
> It is a very different scenario of a Linux distro repository where we
> are not going to pack our software and compete to distro packagers.
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