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Hello Ayush,

On Tue, Jul 14, 2020 at 6:03 PM Ayush Kundu (RA1811035010045) <
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> Hello there, this is Ayush from Calcutta, India and currently I'm pursuing
> my Bachelors in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. I'm highly
> interested in thd field of Computer Science and equally keen to contribute
> some open source. My areas of interest include Competitive Programming(C++,
> Java, Python, R) and Data Analytics. I would be highly grateful if you
> could provide me with an opportunity. Thank You.

Everyone here has the opportunity to pick out a project and work on it. You
don't need a special invitation. This will work better if you join the list
(I think you didn't join this one) and then read some of the discussion
from the past month or two.

We make a huge variety of software, from small command line apps and our
frameworks (libraries), applications from small games to big video and
music players, and of course Plasma. Some prefer to work deep in the stack
and others on UI/UX.

Use our software for awhile, try fixing some bugs you find, and see where
your interests are.

Welcome to the KDE community!


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