KDE Developer portal

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sun Jul 12 16:39:51 BST 2020

El diumenge, 12 de juliol de 2020, a les 0:28:58 CEST, Carl Schwan va escriure:
> Hello everyone,
> I experiment with creating such a developer portal for KDE using the static site generator Hugo and the docsy theme. The result with a few converted articles can be seen here: http://kde.carlschwan.eu/docs/.
> So my question now to the community is the effort worth it? 

I think having a clean startup page for developers is good and will potentially  

The problem with techbase is that it's a wiki, which is great for lots of things, but it will never look "amazing" because it has to provide all the stuff wikis provide, so using a different platform makes some kind of sense to me.

So +2 from my side for "is the effort worth it" :)


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