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d34dl0ck sven at
Tue Dec 24 13:26:51 GMT 2019

Hi Johannes,

Very nice!

Is the source of the website available somewhere in git? 
Do you appreciate PRs for some minor improvements?


> On 21. Dec 2019, at 16:08, Johannes Zarl-Zierl <johannes at> wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> The KDE website team has created a new website for KPhotoAlbum. Visually, the 
> site reflects our goal of moving closer towards the rest of the KDE community.
> The old site has served us well over the years, but some things were hard to 
> find and other information was duplicated between the website the KDE Userbase 
> Wiki. We tried hard to clean up the site content and make it nicer to browse.
> From a technical viewpoint, the new site uses a static site generator, which 
> hopefully makes things easier for the sysadmin team. 
> Since the new site has gone live today, I invite everyone to take a look at
> A very special thanks to Simon Krull who did the initial port from PHP to 
> Jekyll, and to Carl Schwan who listened to our needs and polished the site to 
> the point where it is today. Without them, this move would not have been 
> possible!
> While we're at it: another thanks to the KDE sysadmin team! Most of the time, 
> it's easy to forget about you because things "just work". Yet, whenever some 
> thing breaks or a change requires your help, you're always quick to help!
> Cheers,
>  Johannes
>  (KPhotoAlbum maintainer)

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