Planet KDE posts not about KDE (was: Re: Please don't make into a politics feed)

Philippe Cloutier chealer at
Wed Dec 11 01:01:26 GMT 2019

Le 2019-12-05 à 10:45, Nate Graham a écrit :
> On 12/5/19 8:01 AM, Dominik Haumann wrote:
>> On Thu, Dec 5, 2019 at 1:24 PM Eike Hein <hein at> wrote:
>>> But they don't, so your calculation is about solving a problem that 
>>> doesn't currently exist.
>> +1
> +2, let's propose fixing the problem when there actually is a problem, 
> not when we suspect that there might at some future point be a problem 
> if people don't behave well.

I'm afraid the problem is already there. The problem starts from the 
moment a member posts an unrelated post, when someone who is not 
interested in it starts reading.

> I would prefer to put my trust in the community behaving well so we 
> don't need a bunch of rules to govern behavior.

The rule is already there. What Christian proposed is not a rule, but a 
filter to allow readers to get a feed better matching what they look for.

That being said, while Christian's proposal is not bad, in reality, 
every one of us is somewhere on a spectrum of interest for blog posts 
about KDE, and somewhere on a spectrum of interest for blog posts by KDE 
contributors about topics other than KDE. I believe the best solution 
can only be reached by defining each post's level of KDE interest and 
level of non-KDE interest, and each reader's position on these spectrums.

In fact, in particular for cases like politics, for which some people 
have very little interest while some have a lot, collaborative filtering 
would provide the very best results. But realistically, that would 
require too much investment, unless this is implemented for more than 
Planet KDE, also for other KDE systems.

Philippe Cloutier

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