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Scott Petrovic scottpetrovic at
Sun Dec 8 16:27:56 GMT 2019

This looks pretty good overall Carl. Was there specific problems that this
redesign is trying to solve? I guess I am trying to get in your mind a bit.
I am not sure what type of data or feedback we currently get about the KDE
site...and how this is going to be easier/better for people. That helps
with decision making a lot -- especially when there are disagreements with
what to do or not to do.

In terms of piwik and web analytics, I could go either way. Do we care if
people are trying to access this on their phone? Are there many people
trying to view this on a 4K monitor?  For this KDE site it might not
matter, but for applications it can be really important. For example if
most people that are going to your site have a 1366 x 768 monitor, you
better make sure your application works well at that screen size.
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