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Niccolò Venerandi niccolo.venerandi at
Sun Dec 8 09:58:23 GMT 2019

Could that be an appropriate use case for a carousel? It takes less vertical space, and the user probably won't be annoyed by the automatic change of picture as he don't probably prefer one in particular, or stay much time looking at one.

On December 8, 2019 7:54:52 AM GMT+01:00, Kenny Duffus <kenny at> wrote:
>On Saturday, 7 December 2019 22:52:55 GMT, Nate Graham wrote:
>> The Community section feels like it has too many pictures in 
>> it. Maybe pare that down to just 3, like an Akademy group photo, 
>> the GSoC photo, and the LaKademy 2018 photo.
>I like that there are quite a few photos trying to show the variety,
>down at the bottom of the page so shouldn't be an issue for people not 
>scrolling past?
>	Kenny

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