Please don't make into a politics feed

Christian Loosli kde at
Thu Dec 5 13:06:54 GMT 2019

Someone created a task on phab for people interested,

Please keep it civil and objective, thanks :) 

Kind regards, 


Am Donnerstag, 5. Dezember 2019, 12:52:36 CET schrieb Christian Loosli:
> Dear Community,
> I'm 100% sure this topic came up in the past due to the same blog, but I
> can't find it on the mailing list, so I assume it happened on forums or
> chat:
> currently the top blog post on is about voting for a specific
> political party. I understand that in these times there are many countries
> with heated and important political debates, and some very important global
> topics as well. However, these already occupy all the news site.
> Now if every blog appearing on the planet would target a political subject
> that is very important to the blogger, would be yet another
> political news/opinions feed.
> If I want politics, I go to one of these. If I want to read about KDE, I go
> to
> Please dear bloggers: there are categories, and you can choose which of your
> blogs do show up on the planet. I know that some topics are very important
> to you and obviously you are free to blog about them, but please keep the
> feed free of it, so it doesn't become a mess where it's hard
> to find the content people actually go there for.
> Thanks and kind regards,
> Christian

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