Please don't make into a politics feed

Christian Loosli kde at
Thu Dec 5 11:52:36 GMT 2019

Dear Community, 

I'm 100% sure this topic came up in the past due to the same blog, but I can't 
find it on the mailing list, so I assume it happened on forums or chat: 

currently the top blog post on is about voting for a specific 
political party. I understand that in these times there are many countries 
with heated and important political debates, and some very important global 
topics as well. However, these already occupy all the news site. 
Now if every blog appearing on the planet would target a political subject 
that is very important to the blogger, would be yet another 
political news/opinions feed. 

If I want politics, I go to one of these. If I want to read about KDE, I go to  

Please dear bloggers: there are categories, and you can choose which of your 
blogs do show up on the planet. I know that some topics are very important to 
you and obviously you are free to blog about them, but please keep the feed free of it, so it doesn't become a mess where it's hard to 
find the content people actually go there for. 

Thanks and kind regards, 


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