Issues (Re: KDE e.V. Community Report for 2018 available)

Paul Brown paul.brown at
Fri Nov 29 17:22:58 GMT 2019

On viernes, 29 de noviembre de 2019 13:39:26 (CET) Philippe Cloutier wrote:
> Le 2019-11-27 à 14:05, Aleix Pol a écrit :
> > Dear KDE community,
> > Some of you already saw it at Akademy, but we wanted to make sure that
> > you were all aware of all the great things we did last year 2018
> > 
> >
> Thank you Aleix and everyone involved in producing this report, which is
> more extensive than any of this kind I've seen from an open source project.
> What are the proper ways to report issues in this report (or on
> in general)? mentions "sending
> email to kde-ev-board at <mailto:kde-ev-board at>", but is it
> possible to determine if an issue was already reported there?

If you find issues with the report (inaccuracies, spelling mistakes, etc.), can 
you post them here? This would allow several of us to solve the problems right 


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