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Mon Nov 11 03:21:44 GMT 2019

вс, 10 нояб. 2019 г. в 23:56, Ingo Klöcker <kloecker at>:
> On Sonntag, 10. November 2019 16:09:34 CET Luigi Toscano wrote:
> > Nate Graham ha scritto:
> > > Again, from a totally non-translation perspective, I am somewhat surprised
> > > to hear that individual translators are required to be proficient in a
> > > source control system. Perhaps de-coupling the workflow from direct
> > > interaction with the SCM would be beneficial? Isn't this what GUI apps
> > > like KLocalize do? If not, can it be modified to do the SCM interaction?
> > > This seems like a solvable problem.
> >
> > Most of translators are not so technical as the developers. And even
> > developers can shoot them in the foot with git, I see many issues coming
> > from unwanted merges.
> GitLab allows editing files directly in the browser. Maybe that's an
> alternative to having to deal with an SCM-CLI.
> > Also, in addition to some of the problem described above (not all of them
> > are blocker IMHO), more relevant: how would you convert the SVN
> > repositories into git?
> > - a unique repository would be the easier way, and
> > required by people who do changes to all the languages (renamed and moves)
> > but I can only foresee tons of merging issues when committing (see above).
> Why do those merging issues not occur with svn?

Because git-pull merges by default. And even if you teach all
translators to use rebase, there is another obstacle: "git pull
--rebase" does not work with uncommitted changes while "svn update"

Editing translation files on GitLab is by complexity close to editing
SVG images... on GitLab. Some experienced people can get it right, but
most of the time you will produce syntax errors.

Also, Lokalize has much more features that a plain text editor:
 1. Interactive merging and reviewing of changes from other .po
translation files. I use it all the time to review and commit
translations from people without SVN accounts.
 2. Translation memory. Boost productivity, improves consistency of
 3. Other features that improve productivity (insertion of XML/HTML
tags, source string diffs, ...)

Alexander Potashev

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