Sysadmin Load Reduction: Subversion Infrastructure

Ben Cooksley bcooksley at
Sat Nov 9 00:20:01 GMT 2019

Hi all,

When KDE committed to performing a migration to Git back in 2010, one
of the things that was agreed at the time was that translators could
remain on Subversion to avoid disrupting their workflows.

This however has led to a certain amount of additional infrastructure
which Sysadmin needs to continue to maintain.

In recognition of the fact that with few exceptions, everything has
now migrated from Subversion aside from Translations, i'd like to
reduce the level of infrastructure supporting our Subversion
repository to the bare minimum necessary.

This would include the shutdown of WebSVN in particular, which when
coupled with the shutdown of our two CGit instances would also allow
for us to eliminate an entire virtual machine from our systems.

On top of this, i'd also like to remove commit access to it for
everyone but translators and those who need to work on the small
number of websites remaining on Subversion and only provision this for
people on an as-needed basis.

In the next year or so i'd expect the remaining websites to complete
their migrations to Git, after which only translators would receive

We would also cease providing geographically distributed anonsvn
service, with anonymous access only being provided by the master
server going forward.

Any comments?


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