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Thu Jul 4 11:41:53 BST 2019

On donderdag 4 juli 2019 12:08:00 CEST Luca Beltrame wrote:

> I see nothing that allows an informed decision. Why is not Bugzilla
> acceptable? Why is GL better? No, familiarity and onboarding reasons
> are not enough. Please at least try to outline first the advantages and
> disadvantages of both.

Let's see whether we can do an initial feature comparison:

                                         gitlab           bugzilla
rich text editor with embedded images      X                 -
Attachments for large files                -                 X
keywords or labels                         X                 X
moving issues between product              X                 X
status workflow                         open/closed       reported/confirmed/assigned/resolved/closed
version of product                         -                 X
component                                  -                 X
OS/Platform                                -                 X
OS/Platform version                        -                 -
mark as duplicate                          -                 X
target milestone                           X                 X
depends on/blocks                          -                 X
confidentiality flag                       X                 -
reports (like weekly)                      -                 X
integration with commit workflow           X                 X
integration with merge requests            X                 X
advanced search                            -                 X
duplicates                                 -                 X

So, what gitlab issues have over bugzilla is a rich text editor and a confidentiality flag. What bugzilla has over gitlab issues is reasonable solid set of features that help actually tracking and managing the bug report. It's not that I'm a huge bugzilla fan, it could be much better, but I need those features.

The reason for that is that gitlab's issues feature seems to have been designed for the way smaller, internal teams work inside a company, where they would create their own issues during development, or create issues for tasks they receive from their product owners. It's not designed for receiving thousands of end-user reports a year. It's not designed to be the public face of a project.

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