Anonymous contributions

Nate Graham nate at
Thu Apr 11 18:24:15 BST 2019

Hello everyone,

I've seen the subject of anonymous contributions come up more and more lately as we have a few contributors who are not comfortable providing their real full name. This convention seems rather at odds with the Privacy goal that the KDE community has adopted, and I can think of a few reasons why it could be reasonable for an open-source contributor to not want to use their real name:
- Having been stalked online
- Being a protestor or political dissident who might be targeted by their government
- Career protection due to negative employer attitudes about open-source software

Being somewhat new here, let me ask the question: what's the historical reason behind why we ask contributors to provide their full names? And do we think it's still necessary going forward, or are there alternative means we can employ to arrive at the same ends?


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