KDE at Kirchentag in Dortmund

Olaf Schmidt-Wischhöfer ojschmidt at kde.org
Wed Mar 27 07:34:23 GMT 2019


the Kirchentag is a German event (19–23 June 2019) with about 100 000 
participants. The event has a Christian background and is attended by people 
of many different religious and non-religious viewpoint. It is famous for its 
diversity and has a large booth fair where organisations are presenting 
themselves (e.g. church groups, peace activists, environmental initiatives, 
LGBT groups, political parties, other civil society, ...).

I am organising a joint booth there to present free software / open content 
* Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects
* Free software projects in general (formal partner: Luki e.V. = Linux User 
Group for the churches)
* Offene Bibel (a creative commons Bible translation)

Are there any other KDE people who are interested in attending and helping 
present KDE and free software in general?

KDE e.V. is able to support us with booth material (and probably travel costs 
if necessary).

We can book cheap accomodation (either a space for an air mattress in a 
school, or a guest room in private accommodation) if you send Johannes and me 
your name and postal address during the next days.

Best regards, Olaf

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