KDE now has its own Matrix infrastructure

Christian Loosli kde at fuchsnet.ch
Mon Mar 18 11:49:10 GMT 2019

Am Montag, 18. März 2019, 11:08:39 CET schrieb Boudewijn Rempt:
> On maandag 18 maart 2019 11:06:26 CET Eike Hein wrote:
> > On 3/18/19 6:38 PM, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
> > > I'm sure people are working hard on fixing things up, but right now
> > > webchat.kde.org just does not work. If I look in at the Krita channel
> > > on webchat.kde.org, the last message is from 23:01 yesterday.> 
> > The Matrix folks told us they're working with freenode on an i:line and
> > spinning up an instance of the bridge on our server (currently the
> > bridging is running through the overloaded matrix.org homeserver). They
> > say this should help a lot.

The freenode side is ready (and has been for a few days). There was a short 
delay there due to the i-line request going through a specific person instead 
of through the official ways, so when KDE folk poked me, I had to poke that 
person first. 

> Would that also help with the delays when communicating on webchat.kde.org
> with other matrix users?

I'd be surprised if, since the bridge, from my understanding, should only 
affect Matrix <-> IRC and not Matrix <-> Matrix. I might be and I hope that I 
am wrong, best ask the Matrix Matthew in #kde-matrix-support. 

Kind regards, 


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