New maintainers wanted: KDE Telepathy, KAccounts, Plasma Notifications and others

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Mon Mar 4 14:42:11 GMT 2019

On Mon, Mar 4, 2019 at 9:32 AM Alexander Akulich <akulichalexander at>

> Hi Martin and everyone.
> I would like to take over the KDE Telepathy maintainership.
> I understand that Telepathy is a huge and complex project that needs a
> lot of manpower to actually come back, but there is no other project
> with the same goals and capabilities. For me, Telepathy is not the
> exact specification, but an idea of IM system with replaceable
> components that give you a freedom to combine whatever you want across
> operation systems, desktop environments, and programming languages
> with the best rate of shared code and system integration.
> I can spend two hours and write a long list of reasons why Telepathy
> is the right thing to do, but please let me spend this time on the
> development to prove my arguments by deed and not by words.
> On the other hand, I don't want to fail someone's expectations, so
> please continue to not expect much. :)
> I think that in the current era of proprietary IM services, such
> integrated and yet distributed solution has a chance to prove itself
> with open protocols such as Matrix, Telegram (MTProto), XMPP, Tox,
> Slack, IRC, SIP (reSIProcate), Gitter, Rocket.Chat, Signal, Discord
> and so on. For sure the list can meet the demands of some users.
> I have interest, ideas, experience, and prototypes. Now I have some
> time to start checking out features one by one. I'm already a
> maintainer of TelepathyQt (I released the last three versions), but
> the library and services mean nothing without a client. I have some
> pending reviews for 10 months [1] and if nobody reviews them then
> maybe it will be right to become a maintainer and start to land them.
> As a maintainer, I'll also take responsibility for bug fixing (as a
> start I committed three bug fixes at the last three days).
> P.S.: If you're going to support Matrix then please, please! develop a
> good library. I don't want to offend anyone, but QMatrixClient needs a
> lot of improvements and maybe you can help. With a good library (such
> as QXmpp) a Telepathy service implementation would consist of about 2k
> lines of code.
> [1]

Yes please! You've already proven yourself throughout the years
with all your contributions, so you have my blessing :)

Thanks for stepping up!

Martin Klapetek
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