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Andy B anditosan1000 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 16:06:00 GMT 2019

On February 27, 2019 at 4:36:52 AM, Jonathan Riddell
(jr at jriddell.org(mailto:jr at jriddell.org)) wrote:

> On Tue, Feb 26, 2019 at 11:22:03AM -0700, Nate Graham wrote:
> > It's no great secret that Paul and Jonathan don't have a great working relationship, but this problem needs to be addressed openly.
> Au contrate, we have spent many a fine night drinking beer and whisky
> together from Edinburgh to Sarajevo. The issue I have is when we have
> structures intended to resolve issues like the e.v. board or the CWG
> and they choose not to.
> Jonathan

I will disagree with this point. In many cases, timing is important
and things are not “secret”. Prudence is a valuable skill too. What if
I was to mention something that I wasn’t 100% clear on, I put this on
you and you pass it on as truth? Then we have a problem, because in my
desire to keep things not a “secret” I misled you.

Many of the things the e.V. Board does have to be thought out, done
with prudence, and wait for the right time, when we have made sure
that things are for certain. I am sure our community would not
appreciate communication mistakes. This whole thread is evidence of
that. Therefore, the best possible way to tackle this is to retract,
be thoughtful, think of your audience and learn to communicate in a
timely manner.

This is is the whole point why companies, for example, have
communication departments, public relations departments, etc.

At the same time, the e.V. does not necessarily “choose” not to do
something about a situation. What is important is that members of the
community also learn to work with each other, as adults, contributing
project members. We can’t play parent at every turn. You would get
pretty annoyed at that. I got annoyed of my parents correcting my
every move, that’s why I joined this team. Just kidding!

The point is, if community members have issues, community members
should deal with those issues. If you have a problem with someone,
talk to that someone. We as the e.V. Board would probably review
situations that are too disruptive to the community and help with
those. If you want the e.V. Board to participate of a certain
situation and help, make it known. We are humans and don’t have
understanding of every little event that happens in the community 100%
of the time. We rely on you to cultivate an open communication channel
with the e.V. Board when you think it is necessary.

However, I recommend to always assume best intentions in everything.
Once we deride, criticize and slander, we stop the e.V. Board’s
ability to help. We walk into the battle wounded. Assuming best
intentions will also help you remove the pressure that suspicion
creates. I tell that to our engineers at my work all the time. I think
it is sound advice.

With that said, is there anything that we can help with in this
particular instance? Do we feel that we are satisfied with the answers

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