KDE now has its own Matrix infrastructure

Kenny Duffus kenny at kde.org
Wed Feb 27 08:20:17 GMT 2019

On Tuesday, 26 February 2019 16:54:38 GMT Paul Brown wrote:
> > and I wasn't pinged
> As for this... well, as we are being frank here: You are not the most
> discrete of people and not anybody's first choice for keeping things
> quiet.
> Don't get me wrong, being forthcoming is a much appreciated quality in
> most situations involving Free Software. Your no-nonsense and upfront
> personality has made you a beacon of transparency, not only for KDE,
> but in FLOSS in general.
> But those particular personality traits would've not helped with this
> task, unfortunately.

One of the main uses of the dot-editors mailing list is to allow 
announcement, discussion & review of upcoming dot stories and is 
particularly suitable for when stories are "secret". This has worked very 
well for at least the decade I have been on the list

It is dot policy that before publishing the story, it should be reviewed 
by other editors. In the occasional situation where time is short and no 
replies have been made yet on the list, you would hunt people down on IRC 
to review it

Unfortunately Paul won't use it, if he had this situation would almost 
certainly have been avoided

Most importantly, I am not aware of any editors, including Jonathan, 
having ever disclosed a timed announcement on dot-editors. So Paul seems 
to have no evidence to back up his personal comments about Jonathan

> This is, to put it mildly, a misstatement. Anyone is free to join the
> Promo working group and everybody there helps decide what Promo does
> and shapes the strategy we follow.

Minor point, there is not a Promo Working Group. Probably just a bad 
choice of wording though



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