KDE now has its own Matrix infrastructure

Nate Graham nate at kde.org
Tue Feb 26 18:22:03 GMT 2019

 ---- On Tue, 26 Feb 2019 10:37:56 -0700 Christian Loosli <kde at fuchsnet.ch> wrote ---- 
 > That all in mind is why I think the approach was maybe not the best one and  
 > should be reconsidered for future events and articles.  
 > Thanks and kind regards,  
 > Christian 

I'm in agreement with Christian about this. Conducting this process behind closed doors seems to have backfired, as evidenced by the technical problems that happened anyway and the controversy and drama that we're all now embroiled in. Regardless of intentions, these results should be a clear sign that the process didn't work and needs to be re-examined. And it's very disappointing to hear that a part of the reason for this process was specifically to exclude a particular person. It's no great secret that Paul and Jonathan don't have a great working relationship, but this problem needs to be addressed openly. The two of you trying to work around one another, occasionally writing passive aggressive emails on the mailing list is not how the problem will get solved; instead it will just get bigger over time.

We don't need secrecy, politicking, and personality-driven conflicts like this in KDE. When there's a problem, let's handle it like adults so we can all get back to the business of making the finest open-source software the world has ever seen.


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