Survey to asses the wishes for further contributor training

Thomas Pfeiffer thomas.pfeiffer at
Thu Feb 21 17:57:15 GMT 2019

Dear KDE community,
As those who have been at last year's Akademy know, we have used some of our 
funds to offer free, professional contributor training there (we had public 
speaking, non-violent communication, fundraising and documentation training).
According to a survey we did to evaluate the trainings, those who participated 
in them found them useful and would like further trainings in the future.

Since of course the participants in last year's Akademy trainings are only a 
fraction of the KDE community, we would like to invite all KDE contributors to 
participate in another survey to find out what forms of training and on what 
topics you would find useful.

Therefore, everyone who contributes to KDE in any way and has _not_ taken the 
evaluation survey for the Akademy 2018 trainings, please take a few minutes to 
answer the four questions of the survey at

until next Friday (March 1st) end of day.

Thank you,

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