Don't shoot the messenger (was Re: KDE now has its own Matrix infrastructure)

Christian Loosli kde at
Wed Feb 20 13:10:46 GMT 2019

Hello Paul, 

in this case please do let me know who passed that text through, because it is 
simply wrong and misleading, and I'm not terribly happy with that being on the 
dot. It doesn't look terribly good when we spread wrong information about a 
product we still actively use. 

And I also wonder why this text was (at least I assume) not given to people 
familiar with the technology to proof-read it, as this should have been 
immediately noticed, as you can see from the initial replies. 

tl;dr: personally I'd like that text to be pulled and corrected, as right now 
we spread wrong information about a product we and many others still use. 
I can gladly get in touch with whoever is in charge of that, but I don't know 
who is.

Kind regards, 


Am Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2019, 14:06:26 CET schrieb Paul Brown:
> Dear all,
> What the subject says. Please address your concerns to the people who made
> the decision and passed down the bullet points of the text.
> I will not be responding to any messages in this thread, since it is not my
> place.
> Cheers
> Paul

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