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> On 28. Jan 2019, at 13:23, Krešimir Čohar <kcohar at> wrote:
> I don't think there are any problems with using public domain images, and even if there were I'd rather view them as challenges to overcome than obstacles to avoid.

There is. We cannot prove that we have explicit permission from the author to use or distribute the work. We also have no way of tracking that who submits the work to our channels has the right to do so. The idea of “public domain” only really works for works where copyright has expired.

> > These are both non-free licences and we can not ship files which can
> only be copied with their restrictions.
> Why not? As far as Unsplash goes, their only restriction is not to start a competing service, which is not even remotely what we are trying to do. Surely that is a reasonable and acceptable restriction. It's not unlike the copyleft restrictions ("freedoms") of the GPL.

It violates the Open Source definition, especially the rule against discrimination against use or user. This has been a long-time yardstick for the KDE community.


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