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> On 10. Jan 2019, at 12:35, Adriaan de Groot <groot at> wrote:
> Since it's the beginning of the year, let's plan out some events! At the 
> beginning of april there's FOSS-North, in the beautiful [1] city of 
> Gothenburg. Last year KDE had a booth at the conference, and I gave a talk on 
> KDE governance. This year, we can have -- if we plan something -- a community 
> day for hacking, and then the conference too. Conference site [2] and my 
> bloggy bits from last year [3] are online.
> A community day would be a great opportunity to bring KDE / Qt people from the 
> nordic bits of the world together -- as well as anyone else who's in the 
> neighbourhood.
> Please ping me if you're going to be nearby, or might be. A community day 
> could include, say, work on CMake frameworks (I know I've seen a lot of ugly 
> stuff recently), or doing some VDG-style work on bits and pieces, or straight 
> up C++-hacking-with-modern-Qt-slots which needs a little practice with modern 
> C++ methods.

I will attend FOSS-North. But only briefly because the legal and licensing workshop starts right after it in Barcelona. I will try to arrive in time for the community day (April 7). Maybe there is a chance for dinner.


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