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Now I see that I neglected the link to the Ideas page. :(

Here it is:

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> Hi all, I've started our application.
> The deadline for applications: February 6, 2019 at 12:00 (PST).
> By the deadline, we need to have an absolutely *splendid* Ideas page (1).
> Before the deadline, I'll remove all the placeholders such as teams with no
> Ideas listed, or ideas with no mentors listed. Teams which have
> participated in the past but are empty still: KDE Partition
> Manager, Kopete, Choqok, Peruse, KGpg, KWin, Plasma, WikiToLearn, KDevelop
> and Xdg-desktop-portal-kde.
> So far, I'm the only admin listed. Anyone game to help administer this
> year? It works well when we have a team, so that any of us can have an
> off-week (or week off) sometimes. There are two aspects to being an org
> admin: working with mentors, and working with students. "Paperwork" is a
> very small part of the job.
> The mentor work is all about helping mentors and their teams work well
> with their student. Some need coaching on communication, poking to do their
> evaluations, etc.
> The student work in the beginning is coaching students in getting
> involved, creating their devel environment, helping them craft their
> proposals and get linked into the teams, and so forth. Later, it will be
> helping them through the tough spots, especially when their mentors aren't
> being helpful, or even helping withdraw gracefully.
> We need at least one more admin, and can have up to five. Please write to
> KDE-Soc-management at (not me personally please!) about your
> interest.
> All the best,
> Valorie
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