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Ilmari Lauhakangas
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> step to recruit someone to upgrade the existing forum to the latest
> version of phpBB (which has evolved during all this time after all)?

The main pain problem because it's not a "one click" update is mainly
because the forum has quite a bit of custom code:

- So called "mods" that would need to get replaced (older phpBB mods
  replaced files directly, but now there's a plugin structure)
- A whole swath of in house code, like Brainstorm etc. (in hindsight,
  doing that much extra stuff on top wasn't the best idea, but again
  hindsight is 20/20). 
- The theme (which would need an overhaul anyway)

So upgrading is the "easy" step. Upgrading without too much breakage is
far harder.

> The main problem in any case will be getting enough engagement. I
> don't think I have ever received a reply from a KDE developer in the
> current forums.

In the past, it happened more than once. Aside very vibrant forums like
Krita's, I've personally poked people to answer in the forums (and they

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