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Il giorno Tue, 27 Nov 2018 14:25:06 -0200
Lays Rodrigues <lays.rodrigues at kde.org> ha scritto:

> As a ~new person~ on KDE, 3 years only, we need to move to a modern
> web. At least in my point of view, I really think that using old

Then someone needs to do it: as you are well aware, that's how most of
the stuff in KDE is born. And I do not only mean the actual setup +
deployment, but have someone willing to "commit" to it (quotes because
even the forum was relatively low maintenance when we still had people
working on it - if it's continuous, the burden is not so heavy).

> community forward. If we have old stuff that is hard to maintain, and
> it is outdated, we should move forward.

Replacing one solution (unmaintained) with another than then it's
forgotten because "it works" would not be an improvement. IOW, it would
make little sense to update to $new_platform if then there's no one
maintaining it. 

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