Paul Adams paul.adams at kde.org
Tue Oct 30 10:50:14 GMT 2018

On Tue, 30 Oct 2018 at 11:42, Ben Cooksley <bcooksley at kde.org> wrote:
> If you're running 10,000+ microservice instances, then you can have
> the teams of people needed to maintain the necessary overhead

This is true. Also not your original point: you claimed that Docker
containers were generally unsuitable for production
The overhead is generally not that huge: you build, sign and upload
your images to registry you run. This is no different than when you
build, sign and upload your custom-built distro packages.

Yes, running something like Openstack cause some additional overhead.

> We delegate management of sites to people who look after them (where
> it makes sense) as it helps people get things done.
> They are essentially the "admin" of that specific site/service, but
> won't have root on the actual server that runs it.

Good approach. It is by no means incompatible with running services in
a container.
You can give specific system users membership of a docker group,
allowing them to start/stop/deploy etc. You then control which
containers the user is actually allowed to manipulate in registry

Perhaps I am missing something?

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