Call for contributors for Fixture [ Qt5 based raster graphics editor ]

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Ideally we should be taking the conversation to somewhere more appropriate but nevertheless,

 ---- On Sun, 23 Sep 2018 03:44:27 +0530 Elv1313 . <elv1313 at> wrote ----  
 > The first one is the original GimpShop. Back in Photoshop 7 days, GIMP 
 > was mostly on par when it came to features beside non-RGB color 
 > systems. So someone just forked it to clone the Photoshop menu and 
 > tools layout. It was a novelty for a time, but didn't take Photoshop 
 > crown when it was technically close to be on par with it. Then someone 
 > usurped the project brand recognition to distribute malwares and the 
 > current "GimpShop" has nothing to do with the original fork. 

I would disagree with you, even the current GIMP is not par with Photoshop 7. , if you take a look carefully under the 3.2 
section, you would find a couple of common things which were there in 
Photoshop 7 but still not there in the current GIMP.

 > The second was called Pixel. This person made a shareware that really, 
 > really cloned Photoshop. It was ported to every operating systems 
 > under the sun[1], even the most obscure ones. You could pay a very 
 > small fee to get the version that didn't add random watermarks from 
 > time to time when you saved. The GUI was a 1:1 clone and all the 
 > features actually worked surprisingly well. Still, that was a dozen 
 > year ago and where is it now? 

You mean Pixeluvo right? If it is Pixeluvo, then sadly I have to disagree with you 
again. The free version was just a 30 day trial, it is only available for Linux and Windows,
haven't tried all the features but can say it for sure that the GUI was not a 1:1 clone,
though pretty close.

Kuntal M

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