Improving Bugzilla Status Names

Christian Loosli kde at
Wed Sep 5 09:36:28 BST 2018

Am Mittwoch, 5. September 2018, 04:28:05 CEST schrieb Andrew Crouthamel:
> Hello,


thanks for your work and looking at this, I agree with them except


which make it, in my opinion, less clear. 

WONTFIX is not only used when something is "as per design", but also in cases 
such as product no longer supported, a third party thing used (e.g. an 
interface) doesn't allow it etc. 
So "ASDESIGNED" is less clear / sometimes just wrong. I also don't think that 
the language needs softening up, because the end result will be the same: the 
user who reported the bug or wish does not get what they wanted, so it should 
be clear and match what the user will get.

NOTABUG fails for similar reasons. Bugzilla is also used for feature requests 
/ wish lists. These aren't bugs by definition, but they can be valid. Also bugs 
can be bugs but still the report can be invalid for other reasons. 

In both cases I think the important thing is that whoever sets this status 
should write in the comment why something won't be fixed or why something is 
invalid. The status is meant to be short and clear, in the proposals I think 
that clarety is removed a bit.

Rest sounds good to me.

> Thanks!
> Andrew Crouthamel

Kind regards, 


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