Improving Bugzilla Status Names

Christoph Feck cfeck at
Wed Sep 5 05:01:51 BST 2018

On 05.09.2018 04:28, Andrew Crouthamel wrote:
> Hello,
> As part of the "Streamlined onboarding of new contributors" goal from 2017 (, Nate, myself, Julian, and others have been working on ways to clean up Bugzilla, as well as the bug reporting and triaging system in the "Improvements to Bugzilla - Making it easier and simpler" sub-task (
> The next item on the list we would like to address is changing some of the names of the Status fields and Resolved sub-fields. This is something that has come up numerous times, but seems to fizzle out without a consensus. The last major discussion regarding it was held early in the year, here: And before that, in this Bug report from Nate ( I've read through these, merging the feedback from everyone and with the team working on T6832 we'd like to propose the following name changes:

I still oppose to name a status NEW (again). It only attracts "how is 
this NEW? this is already [random timespan here] OLD!" comments.
There will always be products/components that have no active maintainer 
to look for bugs in a limited timeframe.

My suggestions are OPEN, REPORTED, or UNRESOLVED.

Christoph Feck

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