Nominate key KDE frameworks and packages for inclusion in the OIN Linux System Definition

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	if you were at Akademy, you heard me present about the Open Invention Network (OIN) [1], one of the community sponsors of our conference. OIN is a royalty-free patent pool that creates a patent-non-aggression zone for free software by building a massive cross-licensing network. What software is covered by this cross-license agreement is defined in the OIN Linux System Definition (the details are all public on our web site, see below). I manage the process of maintaining and updating the Linux System Definition for OIN.

KDE software is covered in the definition, but not in the latest version. KDE 3 and 4 packages are included. I would like to see the KDE frameworks and key shared libraries included. The system definition includes reusable components, applications (“leafs” of the dependency tree) are usually not included. The Linux System is updated every 18-24 months. We just finished one round of updates, so now is a good time to think about nominating updates to the latest versions of “legacy" KDE packages, and nominating new packages for inclusion.

I am looking for somebody in the community to act as a “champion” for these nominations. Since I am involved in the review process in a stewardship role, I cannot also act as the nominator. The job entails working with the community to select the packages, put them all together in a spreadsheet, and then working with the OIN tech committee until the nomination is accepted. This needs to be completed by roughly mid 2019.

Who wants to work with me on that?


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