Twitter access

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Wed Jul 18 14:16:39 BST 2018

I'll stop doing KDE promo again then.  KDE shouldn't have unnamed
higher powers who block community contributions.


On 16 July 2018 at 10:26, Jonathan Riddell <jr at> wrote:
> Hi KDE community I'd like to request access to post on the
> @kdecommunity Twitter account.  This is to make announcements of
> Plasma releases, our flagship product.  I already do this on G+ and
> Facebook.  I'm told there are higher powers who have to approve this
> but I've no idea who they are or how to get a message to them, they
> seem to have not received my requests so far.  I've been an active
> contributoir to kde-promo for about 15 years after the only
> contributor.
> Jonathan

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