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> Hi,
> I thought I'd seen some discussions on this topic already, but I cannot
> find
> them, so I probably am mistaken. In any case, during today's Krita meeting
> this came up (
> and a couple of questions were raised:
> * Do we need a privacy notice? If so, is there a good template for it?

I asked for one to be created on the e.V. membership list. Andy said he'd
look into it.

> * Do we need to remove the links to social media?

No unless you do some tracking/profiling.

> * Can we continue offering an email updates service?

This is a general newsletter about new stuff in Krita? That should be fine
as long as people opt-in (consent needs to be given to an understandable
question), have a way to unsubscribe and you don't do anything else with
the accounts unless consented to.

> * Anything else?

I recommend reading  It
helped me quite a bit.


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