Telemetry Policy - Remaining Questions

Lydia Pintscher lydia at
Mon Apr 30 20:08:03 UTC 2018

Hey folks,

* Given that GDPR is coming into effect on May 25th I'd like to urge you to
look into if what you're currently tracking is acceptable under that
regulation. I don't know how where the data you're collecting currently
ends up but I don't want the e.V. to be liable for personally identifiable
information ending up on non-e.V. servers etc.
* Please make a choice if you're willing to change Kexi to comply with the
policy or if you prefer it to be marked as a historic exception. (My
preference is not to have any exceptions to the policy and make a clear
statement to our users.)

Everyone: Unless there are big objections within the next week let's
consider the current draft at accepted.


Lydia Pintscher -
KDE e.V. Board of Directors -

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