Neon Pinebook Remix as part of KDE

Scott Harvey scott at
Tue Apr 17 22:29:58 UTC 2018

On 04/17/2018 08:27 AM, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> Seems nobody is too fussed about this and since KDE already has done
> this for some years I'll release it
> Jonathan

I can't speak for the legalities, but it seems like a project that's too 
intriguing to let slip away. I'd buy one, just for my own entertainment. 
And probably a second one for my parents. As long as they can get on the 
web and my dad can play KMahjongg... anything to save me from being 
Win10 tech support.

It's not as glamorous or powerful as the Slimbook, but it doesn't need 
to be. It's an inexpensive way to spread the good word.

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