Neon Pinebook Remix as part of KDE

Adriaan de Groot groot at
Wed Apr 11 21:29:21 UTC 2018

On Wednesday, 11 April 2018 23:13:45 CEST, Rohan Garg wrote:
> IANAL but you can find the EULA for the proprietary blobs here [1]
> [1]

Where the relevant bit is this:

[you may ..]

1.1 (ii)
 subject to Clause 1.2, distribute the whole of the Software; and/or (b) 
the whole or any part of
the Software together with, or as incorporated into, Applications; and
 If you choose to redistribute the whole or any part of the Software 
pursuant to the licences
granted in Clause 1.1(ii), you agree: (i) not to use ARM's or any of its 
licensors names, logos or
trademarks to market Applications; (ii) to retain any and all copyright 
notices and other notices (whether
ARM's or its licensor's) which are included with the Software; and (iii) 
include a copy of this Licence with
such redistribution.

To me (also NAL, though I play one on TV), that looks like a "yes".


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