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Mon Apr 2 20:56:31 UTC 2018

Hey Jaroslaw :)

On Mon, Apr 2, 2018 at 10:28 PM, Jaroslaw Staniek <staniek at> wrote:
> Thanks for reminding me Lydia
> I've not forgotten this. While there's progress I do still see this as a
> pilot stage and do not think we're in a hurry given telemetry is something
> "extra" for a project development, not a core feature of any product.

We are in a hurry now. We're waiting for projects to be able to start
using it and get us valuable insights about how our software is used.
We've been on it since last Akademy. Let's get it finished :)

> Below I am referring to this version:
> tl;dr: Why discussing: Any deep change and limitation to projects' freedom
> needs to bring substantial benefits over drawbacks. Level of complexity of
> the contract for a project or individual developer needs to be balanced by
> real (not hypothetical) benefits.

The benefits here for KDE are:
* we have a better understanding of our userbase leading hopefully to
better software
* we have a better understanding of our userbase leading hopefully to
better marketing
* we have a clear policy we can point our users to that explains how
we are handling their data and that is in line with our vision/what we
stand for.

> I've studied the wiki page more in depth and I have these points where I'd
> like to see improvement. This is based on my experience, not a list of quick
> ideas.

Thank you! Volker is probably best equipped to answer these.

> That said: I will nod to the concept of "Minimalism", it is all classic
> property of telemetry. I think I've seen them in other projects too.
> I'd just say, let's not make all this more limited than anyone wants it to
> be.

Where is it too limited? Please keep in mind that we've set privacy as
a core part of our vision and the current goals.


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