Goal: Improve Plasma Mobile platform for end-user needs

Dominik Haumann dhaumann at kde.org
Thu Oct 12 08:38:14 UTC 2017

Hi Sebas,

I was thinking about this, and there is one specific point I would
like to comment on:

On Tue, Sep 5, 2017 at 10:53 AM, Sebastian Kügler <sebas at kde.org> wrote:
> On maandag 4 september 2017 23:10:34 CEST Dominik Haumann wrote:
> [...]
>> What I would propose to give this a big push is this ambitious goal:
>> At the next Akademy, give every KDE contributor some handy device, and
>> make a workshop day where essentially everyone will install plasma
>> mobile on this.
>> [...]
>> Worth to investigate?
> Yes, I think so.
> [...]
> Also, my impression has been that giving people devices for free more
> often than not doesn't result in anything. Some will just use them as
> their phone, keeping android on it, for example, others put them on the
> stack of hardware they may try some time, but never end up doing
> anything.
> [...]

Certainly very true.

To counter this, we could combine this with a certain co-payment:
Say 100€ or so. I for one would happily pay this to try things out.
(And the hardware does have its costs after all)


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