Telemetry Policy

Martin Steigerwald martin at
Sun Aug 13 10:14:27 UTC 2017

Hello Volker.

Volker Krause - 13.08.17, 11:47:
> during the KUserFeedback BoF at Akademy there was quite some interest in 
> collecting telemetry data in KDE applications. But before actually 
> implementing that we agreed to define the rules under which we would want
> to  do that. I've tried to put the input we collected during Akademy into
> proper wording below. What do you think? Did I miss anything?

I just want to applaud you people at the KUserFeedback BoF.

I think I have never seen an approach that is so cautionary about privacy as 
this one. Its really refreshing to see such utmost care. It shows the 
excellence of this community.

Actually… with an approach like this even I might agree to have some data 
collected. :)

I have only one idea left:

How about an option to store transmitted data locally as well, at least for a 
certain amount of time so the user can actually review what data has been 
send? And a log on when it was send. This way an user can actually audit the 
data if she so desires. This would improve the accountability on the promises 
you give in the Telemetry Policy Draft. Maybe the user would never look at the 
data, but knowing that it is there, just in case, can help to build his trust.


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