All your answers about Where to put documentation?

Olivier Churlaud olivier at
Mon Feb 27 18:58:27 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I'm often being asked about where to put documentation. I just wrote the final 
guide about this. 

On, we have since last year a Guide and HowTos page 
[1], which lists all KDE tutorial and resources.

There is a chapter about Quality and Documentation [2] in which you'll find 
documentation about where to document things. I just wrote for Aditya this 

Please, if you're being asked where to put documentation, tell people to read 
this page. 

Someone wrote the awesome guide  about Look and Feel Package [3], but they let 
the tutorial somewhere, without knowing where to write it. Please take the 
time of redirecting these people on this page, to help us keeping the 
documentation useful and tidy.

Thank, and share !


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