KDE at FOSDEM 2017 wrapup

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Mon Feb 6 12:16:33 UTC 2017

FOSDEM 2017 Wrapup

We had a pleasingly successful FOSDEM this year with a KDE stall and
Desktop devroom and KDE Slimbook launch party meal/drinks.

We had 19 people at the Saturday party.  I asked for 200euro of food
and charged people 20euro each which worked perfectly with enough
money left over to buy everyone a beer.  Sadly no women at the party
again which was commented on social media, la presidencia stood us up
for VLC.  It was at http://www.magic-rubens.com/ which is owned by the
same guy who runs the venue I've used in previous years but that's
currently under repair http://www.lepaon.be/

We ran a stall, only 1 table again which is tight for space but we
managed.  Our notes say we sold:

KDE India 2-shirts €20  24
Vinyl Sticker €2   6
20 Years Book €12   12
Neon Shirts  €25   6
Cap  €5   4
USB drives  €5   6
Canvas bags  €5   3
Lanyards    €2    6
Mug   €5   4
Neon Fez    €5    6
Part of the Solution t-shirt   €15   2
Krita DVD   €15   4

These figues are not accurate, unfortunately we often forgot to write
down what when sold so they are a large under-estimate.  We had a
surplus of €935.40 which I've given to Lydia to bank.

Stall demos were Slimbook, Docker images, Snappy package, Plasma
Mobile and WikitoLearn all of which were popular.  We had signs with
an intro on it for the stall.  The fezes gave us more visibility and
despite David Edmundson's skepticism about their connection to
anything whatsoever KDE they did sell out.

I spent about €120 on KDE stickers from Handylabels which we gave out
for free and were very popular so we ran out by Saturday afternoon,
maybe ration them a bit next year.

I only got to one talk on Subsurface which had a full room.  Other KDE
talks were on Slimbook, Kube and Flatpak/Snappy which was a good
proportion of all the desktop room talks.  Pau managed the room all
himself and deserves hugs.

FOSDEM continues to grow and be an impressive event. Looking at
various unscientific metrics KDE presence at the event continues to
remain strong and steady even while the rest of the Free Software
movement continues to grow.

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