Fundraising Working Group - call for members

Sandro Andrade sandroandrade at
Mon Jan 23 14:33:02 UTC 2017

Dear community,

KDE has been doing fundraising campaigns for some years already. In
spite of that, we still think there are a lot of room for improvements
in the way we currently carry out such campaigns and in the strategies
currently adopted. We (the board) have been discussing lately about
creating a fundraising working group and we agreed that's something we
want to do. We made a list of potential tasks for the working group:

On the technical side:
* Designing content of campaign landing page
* Supporting tracking progress of the campaign
* Maintaining payment infrastructure
* Improving data analysis
* Mailing donors to get information like the address in order to send postcards

On the marketing side:
* Getting input from the community for and writing text for fundraising page
* Producing social media content
* Creating videos and other artwork
* Researching and evaluating fundraising tools like matching donations
and giving gifts in exchange for donations
* Showcasing donation impact to donors
* Coming up with fitting goodie ideas and publicity stunts in order to
get attention
* Mobilizing the community to help spread the word about the
fundraiser and why it matters

Now, it's the time when we should start looking for prospective
members. If you are interested in joining the fundraising WG or have
any question regarding that please don't hesitate in emailing the
board (kde-ev-board at kde dot org). Of course, people experienced
with fundraising are quite welcome, but also do not refrain yourself
of joining the WG because of no previous experience. We've been
building knowledge in this area together and getting better year by

I'm looking forward for candidates :)


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