Fwd: including kde classes in qt

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at gmail.com
Sun Jan 15 23:19:34 UTC 2017

Hi Mayank,

You said, in the KDE Community ML:

"hello mates.
i have just started to code with qt creator. I want to contribute to
kde open source organization which uses qt. Can anyone please tell me
how to include kde classes in qt ide. I added this syntax in my .pro

LIBS += -lkdeui

but still it is showing error about kde header files i used."

Have you found the list and help you need to use QtCreator for your
work? You may find some of the information in our old KDE Guide at
http://archive.flossmanuals.net/kde-guide/ useful, although a bit of
it is outdated. You may not be aware that KDevelop is also available
as an IDE.

Much of the conversation in KDE development goes on it IRC, on
freenode. Many of those channels are now bridged to Telegram as well.
For more information about that, see
https://community.kde.org/Telegram. If you decide you prefer
Qt-Creator, there is a freenode channel for that: #qt-creator .

It's always good to see new people show up, wanting to help out.
Welcome to the KDE community!



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