FOSDEM stall and party

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Thu Nov 3 12:19:25 UTC 2016

Anyone able to help me with organising this? I'm feeling lonely and
unloved doing it on my own and want someone to bounce decisions off.


On 1 November 2016 at 18:11, Jonathan Riddell <jr at> wrote:
> Time to start thinking about FOSDEM.
> Pau has booked a dev room, please submit talks.
> We hope to get a stall again.  Does anyone have merchandise they can
> bring or do we need to look at buying some?
> Should I organise a Saturday party again?  It would be at the same
> place in Grand Place, cost €20 (unless anyone has some sponsorship
> money they can dig up) with food and beer.
> There is a proposed Plasma sprint in Stuttgart the following week. Me
> and David are thinking of doing a Brexiteers last roadtrip of freedom
> before the borders close. If you want a lift through the Channel
> Tunnel or from Brussels to Stuttgart let us know.
> Jonathan

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