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Robby O'Connor robby.oconnor at
Mon Oct 31 15:36:20 UTC 2016

Hey Boudhayan (and others interested),

On 10/31/2016 10:02 AM, Boudhayan Gupta wrote:
> Hi,
> At the session on handling sweatshop generated web spam on Sunday at
> the Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit, we decided to start a mailing
> list where people from everywhere who have a stake in this (which
> could be other open-source projects, or even companies who'd want to
> participate in such an endeavour) can participate. KDE will be
> stewarding this initiative.
<3 Great meeting all of you!
> Any person who would like to join this task force, please reply to
> this email with your name, e-mail address and the open-source software
> project, organisation that you represent. We'll begin by getting you
> signed up on a mailing list where we can discuss things in private
> (away from the eyes of the spammers), and then we'll take it from
> there.
Yes, while I do not represent OpenMRS in the capacity I once did --
LibreHealth is one I do represent and will represent them. If OpenMRS
chooses to join -- it's totally up to them to figure this out -- I
mentioned it -- I'm no longer making decisions on their behalf. If they
choose to join, I will forward you the contact person's email. I do
still share information however -- so even if they choose not to join,
I'll still share information back to them.

Feel free to sign me up: Robby O'Connor <robby.oconnor at>

> Thanks,
> Boudhayan Gupta
> KDE Sysadmin
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