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On 27 October 2016 at 13:11, Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <kossebau at>

> Hi Dag & all,
> Am Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2016, 14:03:12 CEST schrieb Dag:
> > Hi
> > Another month came and went, and not much happened...
> > I'm actually a little afraid of releasing because we might attract some
> > users.
> > Well, to be more precise, that there will be nobody to support those
> > users.
> If I speak openly that is also my subjective line of thinking.
> Making a release of software means giving it to others and thus making a
> promise to them, so subscribing to moral responsibilities.
> Even while having spent so much time and energy into the porting over the
> last
> two years, I am not sure I am motivated to spent my bit of needed time into
> maintenance where needed by non-contributors currently. At least when it
> comes
> to the main Calligra editor apps.
> My personal interest is in the middleware and technology, and I joined the
> Calligra project because it was closest to what I would like to have,
> though
> with big plans for redesigning basic parts (and quite some draft branches
> are
> on my local disk). Which is also why I never officially signed up as
> maintainer of any of the maintainer-less apps, only for the plugins for
> Okular
> and some import filters.
> Still, to get some momentum in this discussion, I have just taken the
> liberty
> to push a commit which removes Braindump, Karbon app & Stage app from
> release
> builds, as there is no-one even coming close to be a maintainer. At least
> with
> Stage I hope that commit will trigger someone to react, but then hope dies
> last, they say ;)
> And by that commit I also express my hope that you the Plan, Sheets & Words
> maintainers will still do a release for your software, so that my porting
> contributions are coming to someone else's gain still.
> Besides that though I have to state now (also to myself) that I have no
> personal motivation to drive or invest into any release work right now, as
> there is no itch to scratch for myself here, especially when looking at the
> consequences.
> I will happily assist where possible though anyone with a Calligra 3.0
> release
> for small related tasks.
> > Also, not to be forgotten, KChart and KGantt needs to be released.
> Yes, thanks for the push :) Though I have had already started to play
> around
> with the packaging scripts the other WE. As written in private email,
> planning
> for release on latest Nov. 7th.
​Thanks for concrete actions, Friedrich. Adding KDE community to the ​

I have no doubts that middleware tech of the project has the most chances
to be actively developed.

tl;dr for others:
Large parts of Calligra will be frozen, buried in KDE git and not released
if there are no maintainers.

Very soon, so feel free to share the request with the outside world.

regards, Jaroslaw Staniek

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