We now have an Advisory Board

Thomas Pfeiffer thomas.pfeiffer at kde.org
Tue Sep 27 14:49:30 UTC 2016

Dear KDE,
in case you haven't read the Dot article [1] yet:
KDE now has an Advisory Board, consisting of KDE e.V.'s Patrons as well as 
organizations using our software on a large scale (currently LiMux) and other 
NGOs with visions/missions similar to ours. The list of members is on the 
Advisory Board page [2].

On our side we have a contact person for each organization on the AB in the 
Advisory Board Working Group [3].

We hope the Advisory Board will provide us insights into what the world needs 
from us as well as closer collaboration with our allies in general.


[1] https://dot.kde.org/2016/09/26/announcing-kde-advisory-board
[2] https://ev.kde.org/advisoryboard.php
[3] https://ev.kde.org/workinggroups/abwg.php

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