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Kenny Duffus kenny at kde.org
Fri Aug 5 09:13:29 UTC 2016

On 5 August 2016 03:29:49 BST, Thiago Macieira <thiago at kde.org> wrote:
>On quinta-feira, 4 de agosto de 2016 14:38:55 PDT Kenny Duffus wrote:
>> On Thursday, 4 August 2016 14:57:37 BST Sebastian K├╝gler wrote:
>> > On donderdag 4 augustus 2016 10:07:53 CEST Lydia Pintscher wrote:
>> > > If you plan to come to QtCon and have not registered yet please
>do so
>> > > asap. On-site registration right at the event is highly
>> > > this year as it makes the organisation of the event considerably
>> > > harder for us. Please do register in advance at
>> > 
>> > Is this also necessary for speakers?
>> Like every year at Akademy yes speakers need to register to attend
>Even keynote speakers. I remember once that Aaron was a keynote and had
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Registering isn't really that hard to do and it lets us know which days you are attending and any dietary restrictions which you can't tell just from someone giving a talk



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